Success Stories

Pierrette & Danny

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Testimonial After Photo Session

”I admit I hate having my picture taken. Luckily, Ann made me feel like I was hanging out with a friend rather than posing for the camera.”


Pierrette's Success Story

“Without Ann I wouldn’t have met my husband. Soon after refreshing my Match profile with the great photos she took, he sent me a message. Her wonderful photos were the start of it all! This summer we’re celebrating our 7th anniversary.  I highly recommend Ann to capture your special moments or milestones!”

Allie & Trevor


Testimonial After Photo Session

“Carolyn was great! She has really high energy and has a wonderful way with people. I found the whole experience easy, interesting, and fun! She’s got a very disarming personality, and because of it the pics came out very natural. An excellent job all around. I’ve already recommended her to several friends.”


Allie's Success Story

“Carolyn’s photography is amazing! She put together a portfolio for my online dating site and I met my husband two months later! A year after we married, our son was born! Couldn’t have asked for a better experience with a great end to my story.”

Emma & Rolland

Testimonial after photo session

“I was skeptical about paying for pictures that would go on a dating website. But from the moment Nina walked in my house, I felt very comfortable and reassured. She made very good suggestions on what to wear (and what not to wear!), how to fix my hair, and different places to take pictures. The photo session took place in my backyard and was very fun. Nina made me feel beautiful!!”


Emma's Success Story

“After posting the photos, I got a lot more winks and emails. Ultimately, thanks to my LookBetterOnline photos, I met my wonderful, amazing, sweet, sexy husband. We have been married for two years and now have eight month old triplets! I would encourage anyone to use LookBetterOnline for online dating pictures. The whole process was easy, reasonably priced, and produced results!”

Veronica & Gary

Testimonial After Photo Session

“The photo shoot with my photographer was relaxing and fun. The final results were unexpected. The original goal was to have some photos that would perhaps make me a little more attractive online — and that definitely was achieved. But the greater benefit was that her photos empowered me to see myself as a beautiful, lovely person.”


Veronica's Success Story

“My newfound confidence led me to engage more with others, experiment with new looks and even to do some modeling for art students. Oh, and I found an amazing guy. One of my photos she took is framed on his desk. And to top it off, we got married in September 2021.”

Karen & Larry

Testimonial After Photo Session

“I have always HATED to have my picture taken, so when Greg assured me that he would make the session fun, I didn’t really believe him. Well, he absolutely put me at ease, and I have to admit I had a good time! I am so pleased with the way the photos turned out. He is very attentive to the smallest details, and his knowledge and skill are obvious. I will highly recommend him to all my friends!”


Karen's Success Story

“I can tell you that the very day after posting my new, incomparably better photos, I met a wonderful man online who is now my husband!  So I am a fan!!”

Irene & William

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Testimonial After Photo Session

“I very much enjoyed my session with Melody. Her sense of humor and encouragement made me feel very comfortable and very much at ease. She selected a couple of great locations for a shoot, and made me feel like a supermodel on the streets of NYC. The final product looked effortless.”


Irene's Success Story

“I used to update my photos for online dating every year with you, but I got married in December and won’t need those anymore. If I ever need photos for anything else though, I will definitely keep you in mind, and will be happy to recommend you to others.”

Jennifer & Scott


Testimonial After Photo Session

“I found Ann when I realized that the selfie-style photos in my Match profile weren’t doing a very good job of representing me. From the moment Ann and I talked, she made me feel comfortable. She guided me through wardrobe choices, location, and the right combination of poses and looks to make up a good profile, to really show me for who I am. The shoot was fun and relaxed, and I loved the shots she got (which I also used on LinkedIn). I can’t wait to show off the new me.”


Jennifer's Success Story

“I just wanted you to know that your wonderful pictures made a big difference! When I posted my new profile photos, I immediately noticed more interest from much more interesting guys. Then the world couldn’t see them anymore because I meet a wonderful guy and we both took down our profiles to concentrate on one another. It was the best and easiest any relationship I have ever been in and so FUN! Thank you for the wonderful pictures. They made a real difference in getting me noticed. Now a few years later he has become my husband!”

Testimonial From Scott

“It was at my wedding I realized Ann’s work led directly to that day. Ann took my now-wife’s portraits that she used for her online dating profile – that’s how we met. Those portraits were really something and I was immediately taken with that lovely, smart woman. They were well apart from the usual middling-to-awful pictures you see on those sites; they fed my curiosity to actually meet her.

Skip ahead a few years, and we’re at our wedding. Ann is there taking the pictures for the event – and they’re just as great as the ones she made that got us started.”

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