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Ever since 2003, LookBetterOnline has been helping people look their absolute best in their online dating profiles. You want the leader in the industry to handle your online presence. We take pride in our work and the results our clients have achieved by having their dating photos taken and dating profiles written to put their best face forward on the dating sites and dating apps. We make sure our professional photographers are top notch in the online dating photography world so you come away with photos you are proud of sharing online.

Let’s be honest, have you looked at Match, Bumble, Tinder, OK Cupid lately??  There are so many bad dating photos flooding those sites without a care in what they look like.  We’ve seen enough bathroom selfies, fish photos, car selfies and sunglass photos to last us a while.  But what do they all have in common?  What do these people really look like?  Your dating photos are your calling card.  You only get one chance to make that first impression.  Go strong with a wonderful profile photo that is clear, colorful and in focus!!  Follow it up with a variety of great images of yourself in different outfits and poses.  Now you will certainly catch the eye of someone special.

What To Wear In My Dating Profile Pictures - Personal Styling For Our Male Clients

  • Upon purchase of a LookBetterOnline dating photo package, you will receive a styling sheet and a direct booking link to schedule your 30 minute zoom call with your very own stylist as soon as possible.
  • Depending on the photo package you purchased, you will need either two or three outfits. 
  • You are given guidelines for our online dating photo session outfits. Check out your own closet to see what you already may have that fits our criteria.
  • Meet with your stylist virtually. If you have several clothing choices, show the stylist to see if any work and if the outfits fit properly.

If you still need dating outfits – Option 1

  • You can be professionally styled with access to top luxury menswear at a fraction of the cost.  We will give you the ability to rent one, two or three outfits for your online dating photo session. Your stylist will also recommend what shoes will work with each outfit (though these are not included in your box).
  • Once your box(es) arrive, again schedule your stylist session to review each outfit and make sure they fit properly and you like what you are wearing.  Any changes needed can be handled at that point and a new size or style will be sent.
  • After you have all of your outfits, we will need a selfie in each from head to toe so we can send to your photographer.  They will help you decide which order to wear them.
  • Enjoy your new clothes for up to 10 days of receipt of them.  Bonus, if you like any of them, you can purchase any of the pieces and start creating your dating wardrobe.  After your dating profile session, when you are ready to return your clothes, simply box them back up with the return label and follow instructions where to send back.  No washing or dry cleaning needed.  That simple.

If you still need dating outfits – Option 2

  • Say you have pants that fit and need new shirts.  The stylist has given you some ideas of what will work for you.  You can go ahead and purchase those, then upload your new outfits to the LookBetterOnline portal and have our concierge help up finish out your dating clothes.
  • If you need to start from scratch with your outfits and not use the personal stylist, again upload your outfit choices to the LookBetterOnline portal and our concierge will help with each outfit.

Each box will contain:  2 shirts (maybe you are between sizes and you will be sent two sizes of the same shirt to try), or if you are true to sizes you will be sent two very similar shirts that you can choose to wear one of them with the pants for your photo shoot. Pair of pants/jeans, belt, sample packet of cologne, outerwear  could be one of the following: (blazer: for your dressier outfit), (sweater: for a casual look to go with your shirt) (jacket: for casual look).  Shoes are not included but your stylist will let you know which styles you should be looking for to complete your outfit.

I’m not sure what size I am?

Your personal stylists will work with you to identify your size and fit based on the clothes you already have, your weight, height and body type.

How are you sure they will fit me?

Based on the information you share with your personal stylist, plus some clever algorithms identify which brands fit and colors that work with your unique personality.

I already wear many different brands and I notice the sizes are different, how do you handle that?

The company has designed a proprietary algorithm that will convert sizes across all brands.  This way depending on which brand you may prefer, they will find the right fit for you.

What if something doesn’t fit right that I ordered from your company?

Having the right fit is what your stylist is striving for. Perhaps it may take 1-2 shipments to get all the sizes right (and your feedback is very important to how it fits).  After the second shipment, you will be refunded or send you a replacement shipment immediately.

How do you make sure I’m wearing the right style?

Your stylist wants you to look great. Since they are helping you with outfits for your photo session, they know how important it is to show off your personality in your dressier and casual looks.

What happens if I don’t like what you send?

Just let your stylist know right away (you can even text her) and she will remedy with a replacement or something different in your next shipment.

Can I offer suggestions of what I’m looking for?

Sure, let your stylist know if there are certain types of outfits you’d like to try out.

What brands do you use?

The brands are high quality and distinctive.  Tom Ford, CK, Joe’s, AG Jeans, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Armani, Tahari, Theory and Vince.

Can I buy something if I like it?

Sure thing!!  You can buy anything in your box(es).  Ask your stylist for the prices – they range between 40-60% lower than retail.

How long can I keep my boxes?

You get to keep your box(es) for up to 10 days upon receipt.  This should give you plenty of time to show the stylist how they look on you, make any necessary changes and still have time for your photo shoot.  If you have extra time, still try them out on a date, socially and see what reaction you get.  If you end up liking anything in your boxes and you got some great feedback, go ahead and buy them.

How does the box arrive and how do I return it?

Your box(es) will be shipped for free right to your door.  Inside you will find a paid return label so just re-attach to the box and mail it back. Remember, no washing or dry cleaning, just return them.  Don’t worry if you get a stain on something, it happens, and no extra cost to you when you return it.  What happens if I forget to send something back?  It’s ok, just send back with your next shipment.

What To Wear In My Dating Profile Pictures - Personal Styling For Our Female Clients

  • Upon purchase of a LookBetterOnline photo package, you will receive a comprehensive stying sheet that will give you all sorts of information on styles, color and fit.
  • Depending on the photo package you purchased, you will need either two or three outfits.
  • Check out your own closet to see what you already may have that fits our criteria.
  • You will take selfies in each outfit (from head to toe) in decent lighting, and upload to our LookBetterOnline portal. At that point our concierge will help select the right clothes for your photo session.

It’s helpful for us to determine fit, style and color on you, so it’s best to have several different selections for us to choose from.  This would especially be true if you have a three outfit shoot and you get two casual ones. Since you can wear nice dress slacks and blouse, this would be different than jeans and a casual blouse. So we need to see all your styles you may have.  Be sure to show us your shoes too.  This helps complete your outfit.

When selecting pieces for your dating outfits, try to come up with a different color scheme for each. It’s best not to have a blue dress and a blue top if you have a two outfit session.  Mix it up and have two different colors.  Now during the initial stage of finding the right clothes, at that time you can show us various blue tops, or red dresses to find the right color and style that works best on you. But once we settle on your outfits, we will be looking for several colors instead.

Once you have uploaded each of these to the portal, the concierge will work with you on what might work in your closet already, or what new pieces she would recommend you purchase to complete the outfit.

As the new pieces arrive, you can again take your selfies and upload them to the portal.

Once we have selected your two or three outfits (depending on the photo package you ordered), you will take your final head to toe selfies so we can share them with your photographer. This will help them decide which order of clothing is best for your photo shoot and also give them an idea of where to do the shoot based on some of your clothes.  Of course all of this will be discussed between the two of you.

If it’s time to get a haircut, don’t do it right before the photo shoot in case you aren’t pleased with the results.  Sometimes people like their haircuts best a few days after they have it done, so think about that when scheduling your photo shoot.  Even though you may be wearing different outfits for your session, unfortunately there will not be time to curl your hair or straighten it between outfit changes.  Choose one style that will look best with all of them.  Of course, something simple like hair pulled back in a pony tail for a more casual look, is easy to do.

It’s not necessary to go to a salon before the photo shoot.  If you do, make sure this is a style you can duplicate yourself when you go on dates.  We want to make sure we show the true you.

It’s a good idea to use some hair spray to keep hair in place too.  Don’t worry, your photographer will make sure your hair looks great in each shot.

If you color your hair, please take care of this in plenty of time before the session.  This means both grey and other color roots growing out.

Each photographer listing will state if they know a stylist.  Look to see if they said yes. You can also check out Thumbtack for hair stylists too.

Please note if you do get your hair styled on the day of the shoot and then the shoot gets cancelled due to weather, find out what cancellation policy your hair stylist has so you don’t get stuck paying if you can’t have your session.

For our photo sessions we like to keep things simple.  When it comes to wearing a necklace(s), we’d rather you don’t unless it is a very simple one. We find wearing a v-neck style top/dress, does a beautiful job to accent your neckline and we’d rather not disturb that with a necklace.  Also, those that have a pendant tend to start switching from side to side as you move in your different poses.  We’d rather not have to worry about fixing that each time. If you wear a sports watch, remember not to wear it with your dressier outfits.  Don’t worry if you have any tan marks from wearing your watch when you take it off; photo shop will take care of that.

We don’t mind bracelets or rings. But please remember, though you may love that ring you wear on your left hand “ring” finger, we don’t want it to look like you are married, so place it on a different finger for the photo shoot.

These days we have noticed that most ladies don’t wear them for the photo shoot. If you worry about pale legs, we will make sure we even things out in the editing prior to your receiving your final photos.

When it comes to makeup, if you are confident in your own techniques, then that’s fine.  We definitely feel you should wear eye liner, mascara, foundation, and blush.  Just make sure you use matte finishes.

If you are not comfortable with your own applications, you can go to Ulta or Sephora for example to have them apply it.  Just remind them it is for a photo shoot, to not go overboard. We still want you being you and this is not a glamour shoot. Again, when you show up for a date, you still want to look like that beautiful woman in your dating photos as you are in front of him.

Some ladies even will wear false eyelashes.  That’s fine if you know how to wear them and make sure you still look natural.

You will notice next to each photographer’s listing, they will say “yes” if they have a makeup contact.  You can try Thumbtack also for someone near by.

Please note if you are using a makeup artist on the day of the shoot and then the shoot gets cancelled due to weather, find out what cancellation policy your makeup artist has so you don’t get stuck paying if you can’t have your session.

Online Dating Photo Session

We vet only the best professional online dating photographers in North America.  We know that not every photographer can make a great online dating photographer.  LookBetterOnline makes sure we find the right fit to make our clients comfortable during their photo shoot.  Our photographers are compassionate and understand that not everyone enjoys having their photo taken. Just check out our testimonials and be assured that our dating photographers know how to create the best relaxed, casual photos to make you shine.

If you have any specific questions directed at a certain photographer before you book your session, the concierge will be happy to pass those on for you prior to your shoot.  If you are tied to a certain day or week for a photo shoot and rather not book a session unless you know if the photographer is available, contact the concierge first and she will find this out for you. Other generic questions can easily be answered by the concierge prior to paying. 

Once you have signed up for your photo session and the photographer has agreed to do the shoot, you will be given his/her contact information to freely talk with one another.

We offer two packages – either 60 minutes or 90 minutes.  You select a date and time and our photographers will do their best to fit their schedule with yours. Together, we will create the best online dating photos for you and you will have fun while you are at it, too.

Click here for a list of packages and prices for our excellent online dating photos, dating profile writing service, and styling. Our dating photo packages are either $600 or $725.  You will find just the right package to fulfill your needs.  Add on profile writing or styling to any package and you have a “win-win” to creating the best online profile for yourself.  Aren’t you worth it?

Payment for all of our services must be paid at time of booking.

Of course! If for some reason, the initial agreed upon date/time does not work, you can contact your photographer and reschedule.  We can’t guarantee they will be available for your new date/time, but they will certainly try to accommodate you. If for some reason you can’t contact your photographer, please call us and we will handle this for you.

We understand that weather plays a huge part in a successful photo session.  This will be discussed between you and your photographer as you reach the date of your session.  With Covid-19 still being a factor in today’s world, it is important that you and your photographer keep in contact and understand your safety concerns. Please check out our Cancellation and Rescheduling policies in our Terms and Conditions for more details.

All of our photo sessions are done on location.  Our photographers will work with you to find the best spot at your home, near your home, or they have special places already picked out that are tried and true for them.  In some cases, we might take your pictures inside too.  This will be depending on circumstances available at the time of the shoot.  Please note:  If you have a specific location in mind for your photo shoot and there is a fee for a permit to use the space, this will be the responsibility of the client to obtain the permit since our photographers like to use places that are free to the public.

LookBetterOnline wants to help make this easier for you!  What you wear is equally important as the shoot itself. You will have at least a two week period to select the proper clothes before your shoot.

Not only do we want you to look great for your photo session, but remember, you will now attract all these fabulous people who want to date you.  Do you have a dating wardrobe ready for these dates?  Sign up with Kimmy, a dating profile expert in styling, and she will help you create a new closet best suited for your body type and coloring.  Find out the secrets to looking your best.  See what Kimmy has to offer here.

In general, solid clothes are best and you must feel great in what you are wearing so it will show through in your photos.  Start trying on clothes now and make sure they fit you well. Weight changes, as do the seasons and styles.  Consider casual outfits you might wear on a date as well as dressier ones, such as button-down shirt and dress slacks for the guys, and a dress for the women.  Our packages consist of two or three outfit changes only.

It is very important your clothes fit you properly.  If pants are too long, or shirt sleeve too long, please have them tailored before the photo session.  If we have to constantly adjust your clothes because they are too big, this will take up too much time.  Also, your outfits just won’t look right.  This will require added fees for retouching your final images which could run an additional $120 or $180 more.

If a photographer will be meeting you at your home, it is possible for you to change inside while the photographer waits outside.  For those shoots where you will meet at another location, we recommend our photographers to bring a changing tent to make your wardrobe changes easier.  Another option might be a nearby restroom. During the time of indoor Covid-19 restrictions, we are taking necessary precautions and you and your photographer will decide on a suitable changing area on a case by case basis, as you discuss your preferences.

Good questions.  Unfortunately it’s no on all of these.  Sunglasses hide your eyes and we want everyone to see your wonderful expressions through your eyes.  With dogs and cats, it makes it very difficult for our photographers to take care of all the poses they need in your outfits if they also have to deal with your pet. We have found that dogs were not always cooperative and prolonged the shoot and caused the photographer to stay longer than expected.  Many of our photographers are allergic to pets and therefore this isn’t good for them.  What you can do, you may ask your photographer during your initial call if you have a pet you want in your photos.  They can offer their own time after the shoot, if possible, to take your photos with your pet.  They will arrange the cost and how many images you will receive with this extra shoot.  If you want photos with your car and/or motorcycle, it will have to be after you photoshoot is finished with LookBetterOnline. Again, you can ask the photographer and you pay them separately for these photos and extra time.

Unfortunately we don’t photograph children with our portrait sessions.  These are online dating photos that are all about you. If you are interested in photos with your children, just ask your photographer if they are able to do a session after your session with us, or just choose a new date and time through your photographer.

You will get an email about four days after your photo shoot with a link to a private online gallery made just for you.  By the time you get this gallery, not only has the photographer picked out their top dating photos from your shoot, but the concierge has also given her once-over to select the photos she feels will produce the best results for your profile. You will find a variety of images from each of your outfits – headshots, 3/4 body and full-length.  You then pick your final photos from your selected packages.  At this time you can select add-ons such as: black/white, retouching of specific or all images, hi-res, LinkedIn pictures, and square format. Also note, since we will have so many flattering photos to choose from, you can order more web-ready images to add to your collection.

We have found that many sites now like to include square format pictures. Because our full-length photos fit best in a rectangle, we are able to combine these two and seamlessly provide you with an image that still shows off your entire photo without compromising anything.

You will get a few days to preview your images. Once you select your final photos and any other add-ons, you will send your choices back to LookBetterOnline.  You will receive your final photos and a link to them in your email.

Your gallery will be available for three months after your shoot.  During that time, you can check out the gallery again to purchase additional photos or add-ons.  We will remind you via email before your gallery expires.  Once the three months is up, your gallery will be removed. You might decide at the very end to purchase the rest of your photos since you will no longer have access to them after that date.

There is always a chance a photo will be digitally enhanced when we check lighting, contrast or color.  We make sure your pictures are corrected properly.  We should aim to leave all permanent features like scars, freckles, and moles. But we will retouch or digitally enhance any slight blemishes, skin discolorations or small fly-away hairs and take care of a light removal of under-eye circles. Selecting the right clothes first, and then having the right poses, will create the look you want without having to fake it in Photoshop later.

If you have purchased additional retouching, we will whiten teeth, fix hair if more than just small fly-aways. We may soften the wrinkles, but we still want you to be you. We will include shine removal from your face. Please note, in order to keep your photos looking like you, we do not eliminate all wrinkles or perform digital liposuction, or do any other alterations to your appearance such as removal of a double chin.

Generally, our web ready images will run around 1 mb. At this time, we do not offer prints, but you will be able to purchase hi-res images so you can order your own printing from any photo lab.  Our images are 1200 x 1800 pixels.  We make sure that your images can easily be uploaded on your computer or your phone to any of the online dating sites or dating apps.

The photographer owns the copyright to the photos taken during your photo shoot.  They may showcase these photos on their own website or social media in a standard portfolio display.  They will not be used for any other purposes unless you give permission.

You may use your images for personal, non-commercial self-promotion, such as on your own personal website, social media, or online profiles. You may not license the images or transfer the copyright to any third party without the explicit agreement with, and written consent of, the photographer.

As you have noticed on our website, we have sample photos with our testimonials, before/after, success stories, stylist, portfolio and even on our photographer’s profile page.  When you are about to download your final images from your gallery, we will be asking your permission to let us use your photos and testimonials in different situations.

Of course!!  We love testimonials as you have seen all over our website.  We hope those encouraged you to purchase our products too.  When you are about to download your final images, you will have a place to write your testimonial.  We only use your first name and last initial in some cases.  Sometimes your testimonial can be placed on your photographer’s profile page, with your photos on our Testimonial page, or throughout our website.  Again, we will ask permission from you where you feel comfortable having them seen.

Your gallery will be available for 90 days from the day you receive your final images.  At any time you can review your gallery and purchase additional photos.  See how your original 12 or 18 photos do at the beginning.  Since we do have so many wonderful additional images left in your gallery, you may decide to refresh with some new ones. Feel free to contact us with any questions. But do remember, once your 90 days are gone, so will your gallery.

Complete Virtual Makeover

  • You get a list of instructions from Kimmy on how to prepare and book the virtual session.
  • You will need to fill out an assessment form to create the virtual closet and book your session.
  • You will need to upload 3-5 full length photos in your dating looks, into the virtual closet BEFORE the your session with Kimmy. If you don’t do this prior to your session, you will need to reschedule to another time when you do have everything uploaded. Remember Kimmy needs to see you in your clothes in order to help you find out the correct size, colors and looks for you.
  • After your virtual session with Kimmy, she will send you links to outfits that she feels will be appropriate for you. Now is the time for you to purchase these and see how they look on you.
  • You are able to upload new photos into your virtual closet so she can see you in them.  She will only be able to make comments on the outfits, but no call or zoom contact.

  • Learn what looks good on your body and what colors work for you
  • Obtain a closet assessment
  • Start thinking about your personal style
  • Discover what first impressions you’re conveying
  • Fine-tune your brand
  • Develop future image goals, including a shopping plan and clothing recommendations 

Cancellations and Refunds

The purchase of the Complete Virtual Makeover is final and non-refundable. If after completing the session, you believe did not derive substantial value from the session, we will gladly refund your fee. To claim a refund, please submit a written refund request to [email protected]. In your request, you are required to verify that you completed all instructional material and home assignments in accordance with the instructions provided in the session. To be valid, we must receive your refund request within 180 days of your date of purchase.

e-Cyrano Dating Profile Writing Services

We don’t write fiction. We don’t make up stories. We only write what YOU tell us to write. The fact is, it’s hard to get creative when describing yourself, especially without using adjectives and cliches like everyone else. The e-Cyrano process forces you to dig deeper for the answers than you normally would, so that your profile reads like something that couldn’t be written by anybody else in the world. Ultimately, every single word in your final profile is either something you wrote in your questionnaire or said on the phone. In other words, we don’t create your voice. We capture it. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that your final e-Cyrano dating profile sounds a LOT more like you than if you were to actually do it yourself.

We believe you. No one is doubting your brilliance. But e-Cyrano has written dating profiles for hundreds of writers, lawyers and other master wordsmiths. And online dating is a different medium with a different set of rules. As you can tell, 99% of people don’t do a great job with their profiles. That’s not an insult. That’s just a fact. Think about it: How many profiles make you gasp because they’re so clever and well-written? We’re the ones who write those profiles, the ones that demand your attention. And if you’re hoping to connect with the most attractive, desirable people on your entire dating site, you need something that’s an A+, not a solid B. That’s what e-Cyrano does better than anyone in the world. We are dating profile experts.

Why You’d Choose Silver Profile Makeover: You’ve got a strong profile that only needs a few tweaks. You’re on a tight budget. You want an objective, professional opinion, because your friends aren’t really helping. You insist on writing your own profile and just need a push in the right direction.

Why You’d Choose Gold Profile Writing: You want your profile to sound the most like you. You’re willing to put a lot of effort into filling out the e-Cyrano questionnaire. You want the best possible results to attract the highest quality people.

Why You’d Choose Platinum Profile Writing Made Easy: Writing isn’t your thing. You’re willing to sacrifice a bit of your personal “voice” for greater expediency. You want a new profile fast and would prefer not to fill out a long questionnaire.

Silver and Platinum customers will be contacted by an e-Cyrano consultant within 24 hours to schedule a phone consultation. Gold customers will be contacted by an e-Cyrano consultant only after you fill out a long online questionnaire.

We’re not going to lie. The e-Cyrano questionnaire is our secret sauce. When you take it seriously and do it right, you’re giving us all the unique material we need to create you a one-of-a-kind personal ad. After all, we can’t write anything unless you’ve said it to us first. The good news is that – like an online dating profile itself – you don’t have to fill it all out at once. Take your time. Follow directions. Read the examples. When you’re done, you’ll see exactly why the e-Cyrano process is not only helpful in who you want to attract, but magical in terms of results: more profile views, more attractive dates, and better email conversations.

Listen, all of us are far more than the sum total of 400 words. The question is whether you want to use the same words as everybody else. And if you’re currently using adjectives to describe yourself…if you’re writing lists of hobbies and activities…if you’re detailing all your favorite bands, TV shows and travel spots…if you “love to laugh”, “work hard and play hard”, or want someone “smart, attractive, fit, fun, down-to-earth, honest, and generous”…. Trust us: you need our help. Our job is to gather specific details and anecdotes – “fishhooks” – that separate you from everyone else. With enough unique fishhooks in your profile, you’re going to attract all sorts of attention.

Impossible! Okay, possible, but highly unlikely. After all, we’re only taking the things that you say and putting them down on paper for you. It’s not our job to fictionalize, editorialize or make anything up – it’s simply our job to capture you. While we’re very confident in our work, to ensure your satisfaction, you can provide one set of notes to the writer, and get one revision in return. The most likely scenario is that you’re happy with 95% of the profile and with minimal effort, you can make minor edits yourself to make it sound more like you.

Our consultants at e-Cyrano aim to please and gives you the opportunity to offer us specific notes for one revision before we send you your final profile. However, if, for some reason, you still don’t respond to your brilliant professional essays, your two options are: a) to get a partial refund, minus writer’s fees or b) to get another writer assigned to you at cost. We do not want to profit from our few dissatisfied clients, but we must pay our writers to cover our overhead costs.

We guarantee that after working with our e-Cyrano experts, your essays will be far more detailed, interesting and entertaining than they were previously. We do not, however, guarantee things beyond our control, such as a given number of emails, dates or marriage within a year. We’re good, but we’re not prophets.

The e-Cyrano Gold Package handles the two most important questions (About You, About Your Ideal Match) which make up the bulk of your profile on most dating sites. We do not answer “Last Read” or “Favorite Hot Spots” on Match.com, for that would be time prohibitive.

However, if you get an e-Cyrano Platinum Package, we will handle the standard 9-13 short-answer questions on online dating apps OkCupid and eHarmony.

If you fall in love: Congratulations, you win! Unfortunately, we don’t offer refunds for eternal bliss or for any other reason. Remember, this is like a gym membership. So if you sign up for our profile assistance and never use it, that’s your prerogative. If you ever decide to take advantage of your purchase, we will be here to help you.

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