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Matthews, NC

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1:00 PM - 5:30 PM
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
10:00 AM - 5:30 PM

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    Classic Photo Package


    • 12 color digital, web-ready
    • 60 minutes
    • 2 outfits (one casual, one dressy)
    • Headshots, 3/4, and full-length
    • Preview 30-40 images in private online gallery
    • Styling Guide and assistance with clothes for photo shoot
    • Concierge Service
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    Deluxe Photo Package


    • 18 color digital, web-ready
    • 90 minutes
    • 3 outfits (two casual, one dressy)
    • Headshots, 3/4, and full-length
    • Preview 45-60 images in private online gallery
    • Styling Guide and assistance with clothes for photo shoot
    • Concierge Service

Styling Makeover

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    Complete Virtual Makeover Package


    • 60 minute private recorded video session with our stylist, Kimmy, complete image and online first impression assessment
    • Body analysis including a style guide for men/women to determine flattering styles for your body type
    • Color analysis to see what looks best for your skin and hair color
    • Hand selected suggested outfits for your photo session and dating
    • Online shopping links to several dating looks and outfits
    • Killer Body Image Workbook

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    Silver Profile Makeover


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    Gold Profile Writing


    • e-Cyrano writes you two 200 word essays (About You, About Your Ideal Partner) using a detailed questionnaire and a 40 minute phone consultation .
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I have 20 years of shooting portfolios, portraits, events, weddings and products. I have been with LookBetterOnline since 2007.


I try and help customers feel comfortable by having friendly conversation with a smile. During the conversation, I may ask a series of questions about things not related to the shoot just to break the ice. I add in compliments, some specific details about the shoot to keep them informed and to reassure them I know what I'm doing. Then I let them in on the magic by sharing a couple of the photos from time to time so they can see what is happening. I also ask them if they want to listen to music. If so, I find their favorite artist or genre to play during the shoot on my Bluetooth speaker. These are some of the ways I help my customer feel comfortable.

Favorite Locations:

I tend to stick to parks and natural settings. Greenways have been my favorite place to photograph when in Charlotte. They are typically lined with scenic views and the right mix of concrete and natural backdrops.

Damany “Smiley”'s Testimonials

  • I felt very comfortable working with Damany. He did a great job, and picked a great location for shoot

    ~Owen W.

  • Damany is a top-rate gentleman. I highly recommend him! Not only is he wonderful to work with, but is a great person in general!

    ~George S.

  • Damany was awesome. I intend to use him for all my photography needs. You can't go wrong using him!

    ~Sharon B.

  • Damany was great. He made me feel comfortable and was very easy to work with. I would recommend him to others!

    ~Dionne N.

  • Smiley went out of his way to keep taking pictures until we both felt like he had the right ones. We sat down together and reviewed each one and he didn't leave just because our time was up. He stayed until he knew I was happy with the outcome. Time will tell if we were right but his professionalism and talent were more than I could have asked for. A REAL class act.

    ~Jay T.

  • Smiley was great to work with - very accommodating of schedule, flexible in his style. He made the experience, which I was nervous about going in, a really pleasant experience!

    ~Timothy T.

  • Smiley was great to work with. He made the shoot a lot of fun, and I love the photos he took.

    ~James S.

  • Smiley was terrific! Professional before, during and after the shoot and during the session he really made me feel comfortable. I love the backgrounds he chose. Smiley's name is fitting - his personality draws you in. Thanks so much!

    ~Christy M.

  • Smiley was excellent to work with! He made me fell very comfortable and definitely took some excellent photos. I would recommend him to anyone!

    ~Mark W.

  • Damany, was fantastic. He was patient, kind, reliable, and took great pictures:)

    ~Meena D.

  • Working with Smiley was great. He was organized, thorough and light-hearted. Really made it a good experience.

    ~Mark R.

  • Smiley did a great job. I know I'm not actor/model level photogenic but I think we got a series of good shots with what we had.

    ~Philip M.

  • Photographer was great and I liked most of the pictures.

    ~Grant w.

  • Smiley did an excellent job of making suggestions, taking good photos, and recommendations afterwards! Highly recommend.

    ~David T.

  • Very professional, creative, easy to work with and provided great results.

    ~Eran S.

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