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Piedmont, CA

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9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

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Your photographer will contact you to finalize the date and time of the shoot. If they are not available for your chosen session, they will reschedule with you accordingly. Once the session is agreed upon, you can book your hair or makeup appointments.

Photo Packages

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    Classic Photo Package


    • 12 color digital, web-ready
    • 60 minutes
    • 2 outfits (one casual, one dressy)
    • Headshots, 3/4, and full-length
    • Preview 30-40 images in private online gallery
    • Styling Guide and assistance with clothes for photo shoot
    • Concierge Service
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    Deluxe Photo Package


    • 18 color digital, web-ready
    • 90 minutes
    • 3 outfits (two casual, one dressy)
    • Headshots, 3/4, and full-length
    • Preview 45-60 images in private online gallery
    • Styling Guide and assistance with clothes for photo shoot
    • Concierge Service

Styling Makeover

Do you feel unmotivated to start online dating either because you hate the way you look in clothes or simply don’t know how to dress to attract the opposite sex? Do you wish you had more sexy confidence? Imagine knowing what looks good on your body and having someone help you pick out outfits for your photos and on dates!

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    Complete Virtual Makeover Package


    • 60 minute private recorded video session with our stylist, Kimmy, complete image and online first impression assessment
    • Body analysis including a style guide for men/women to determine flattering styles for your body type
    • Color analysis to see what looks best for your skin and hair color
    • Hand selected suggested outfits for your photo session and dating
    • Online shopping links to several dating looks and outfits
    • Killer Body Image Workbook

Profile Writing - e-Cyrano

Do you think your profile truly conveys who you really are? Does the idea of writing about yourself scare you? Can't come up with the right witty words to use? Let e-Cyrano help you out. We have three choices for you:

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    Silver Profile Makeover


    • e-Cyrano consultant offers a 20 minute line-by-line critical analysis to help punch up your existing profile.
    • We provide an objective, professional opinion to get your profile back on track.
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    Gold Profile Writing


    • e-Cyrano writes you two 200 word essays (About You, About Your Ideal Partner) using a detailed questionnaire and a 40 minute phone consultation .
  • Placeholder

    Platinum Profile Writing Made Easy


    • e-Cyrano writes your profile from scratch after an extended phone interview. (ideal for OkCupid/eHarmony members)
    • No long questionnaire to fill out yourself.
    • Just tell us who you are and we do the rest.

I'm a seasoned photographer who loves engaging with people. I have been recognized for my ability to capture all kinds of people, be it race, gender, age, nationality, creed, social, economic backgrounds, it's just getting people to feel safe and to be themselves. These photos we create are an authentic portrait of their best selfs.


I create situations and environments where people are safe to relate with each other and to me. I communicate by being empathetic, by being fully present, by listening, by respecting the differences and similarities, collaborating and telling the truth. One of my clients said, my images are about the human spirit - they capture the full range of emotions. My photographs - natural or staged - are the evidence."

Favorite Locations:

Urban parks and manicured city scapes such as downtown Walnut Creek.

Christian's Testimonials

  • Christian is a true professional as well as a true artist. He sees you before you realize it yourself. His vision as well as his artistic touch is one of a kind. I had hardy seen such a dedicated eye as well as delightful personality. I felt at ease with Christian as well as we had fun.

    ~Ingrid T.

  • Having my photos taken by Christian was a wonderful experience. His kindness and compassion made me feel at ease with myself and the photo session. I was so thrilled with the final results, asking myself, "Is that really me in those photos?”

    ~Christine C.

  • Lol!  Brilliant Maestro!  sThese totally rawwwk!  It was pure joy to share this morning's experience with you all!  Such consummate pro's, all of you!  Bravo!  And Encore! Baci baci baci!

    ~Jody F.

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