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10:00 AM - 2:30 PM
10:00 AM - 2:30 PM
10:00 AM - 2:30 PM
10:00 AM - 2:30 PM
10:00 AM - 2:30 PM
10:00 AM - 2:30 PM
10:00 AM - 2:30 PM

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    Classic Photo Package


    • 12 color digital, web-ready
    • 60 minutes
    • 2 outfits (one casual, one dressy)
    • Headshots, 3/4, and full-length
    • Preview 30-40 images in private online gallery
    • Styling Guide and assistance with clothes for photo shoot
    • Concierge Service
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    • 18 color digital, web-ready
    • 90 minutes
    • 3 outfits (two casual, one dressy)
    • Headshots, 3/4, and full-length
    • Preview 45-60 images in private online gallery
    • Styling Guide and assistance with clothes for photo shoot
    • Concierge Service

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    Complete Virtual Makeover Package


    • 60 minute private recorded video session with our stylist, Kimmy, complete image and online first impression assessment
    • Body analysis including a style guide for men/women to determine flattering styles for your body type
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With a background as an international photographer, Charlotte travels between Europe and the U.S. shooting people from all walks of life. She is equally enthusiastic photographing both mega celebrities and regular folks, and she has worked with numerous LookBetterOnline clients over the years.


Always happy to guide you through the session, Charlotte will make sure you'll have an altogether positive, relaxed and fun experience. Especially if you think you are the world's least photogenic person, and you absolutely loathe having your picture taken. She takes great pride in helping you present the best possible face to the world. "If you have beautiful eyes, we'll make them sparkle. If your mega watt smile is what draws people in, we'll make sure to capture that. You might not even know what your best features are - but we will find them! Never cheesy or contrived; we'll simply concentrate on bringing out the very best of you." And it really works. As you look at the client pictures here, you might be surprised to learn that only ONE person had had any prior modeling experience. All the others were first-timers in front of the camera. That's Charlotte's real gift -- making all of her subjects look great!

Favorite Locations:

Charlotte creates gorgeous profile pictures with a natural 'lifestyle look', so your photos will never have a generic feel to them. In Beverly Hills, there are numerous beautiful locations nearby to choose between, and together you can decide what type of backgrounds would be perfect for your images. The idea is to create as big a variety of pictures as possible, and always taking advantage of the fantastic light here in sunny California.

Charlotte's Testimonials

  • All I can say is that Charlotte is amazing. I'm one of those people who not only hates having their picture taken but also avoids it at all costs. Charlotte put me at ease right away. She made the entire process easy and, I dare say, fun. I highly recommend her to everyone!

    ~Janet G.

  • Charlotte was a delight. I liked working with her and was able to relax and enjoy myself. In fact, the entire process was painless and rather fun - she helped me put my best face forward!

    ~Diane G.

  • Wow, what a difference a professional can make..! I have never been comfortable taking pictures until I met Charlotte. She put me at ease and assured me that we would get great photos from our session. I was surprised how the photos came out as I appeared more relaxed than I really was. True professional! Thank you.

    ~Eric V.

  • Charlotte is very warm and inviting and makes the photo shoot easy and non stressful. My photos came out really well and captured a light and happy energy that translated really well on camera. I've already received a lot of responses on my online dating profile...definitely a 10!

    ~Lisa L.

  • I had expected to get nervous taking all those pictures, and I had imagined beforehand how I would hear over and over the word I kinda dreaded to hear - which is; "smile!". Well my fears were unfounded, it turns out. Now I am amazed at how the the pictures actually came out., now I have some pictures that I will be proud to post anywhere. YOU ARE THE BEST!

    ~Kevin N.

  • Charlotte did a great job. She is genuinely interested in having you look your best and clearly has the eye to do that. She made the session easy and comfortable, providing positive reinforcement throughout. Her demeanor is both friendly and professional. I definitely would use her again.

    ~Gerry S.

  • Charlotte is absolutely exceptional! She's charming and fun. She made me feel at ease and comfortable. Explained the process and we went to work. For someone whose camera shy like me I felt natural and at ease. A fun experience every minute of it. I love every shot she took. Thank you Charlotte!

    ~Giselle J.

  • It was fun working with Charlotte. I love my pictures and she made me feel very comfortable during the shoot. She gave me lots of feedback so that I knew how to position myself. She was great!

    ~Sherri W.

  • Charlotte Noble was amazing, this was my first photoshoot and she make me feel incredibly comfortable. She is amazing and super talented. I would recommend her without hesitation.

    ~Peggy K.

  • You are the online dating secret weapon! First I want to thank you for making me look much better than I deserve! I know for a fact I am not photogenic, but friends that have seen the images you took say they can't believe you were able to make me look like a professional model : D I would say to anyone who is not an actor or model that wants images to make them look like one, don't look any farther than Charlotte! I have always hated getting my picture taken but you made it so stress free and simple. Thank you again for the great artistic work!

    ~Patrick I.

  • Charlotte is an exceptional photographer! Before the photo shoot, she sent me tips on how to get the best photograph for a dating profile. When I arrived, she was very friendly and asked me questions about my background and who I was. She listened very carefully, and strove to bring out my authentic and genuine self in my photographs. During the photo shoot, she made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. I highly recommend this photographer.

    ~Michael C.

  • Charlotte was outstanding!! Besides feeling very comfortable, she took the time to get to know me first before the shoot. The entire experience was well worth it.

    ~Sandra C.

  • Charlotte was terrific to work with. I've never worked with a photographer before and Charlotte did an amazing job of keeping it loose and fun. I would highly recommend her!

    ~Daniel M.

  • I cannot thank Charlotte enough! She made the entire process very relaxing and comfortable by discussing with me exactly what I was looking for and detailing how we could accomplish it. For the day of the shoot she provided excellent instructions for what would be needed as far as preparation on my part. When I showed up all I had to do was listen as she created a great variety of different poses mixed with different backgrounds. It was really much easier than I was expecting. She is also really good with lighting. The resulting photos look great! They look very natural and amazing, without looking awkward or stiff which is absolutely essential for online dating photos.

    ~Dillon C.

  • Charlotte did a fantastic job. Super professional, not rushing at all, very detail-oriented. She made me feel comfortable from the start. The whole thing was just a breeze and the results were great!

    ~David C.

  • Thank you for your great creativity and super positive attitude on the photo shoot yesterday. I had so much fun and you definitely picked a fabulous place to get so many different types of settings and backgrounds in our photo shoot together. I just had a chance to look at the eighteen photos you picked. These pictures look great! Thank you again for making this photo shoot such a wonderful experience for me!

    ~Yvonne T.

  • Charlotte not only provides an exceptional final product but makes you feel comfortable and special through the entire experience. My only regret is not doing it sooner and that I can't do it more often.

    ~Jennifer R.

  • This was an awesome experience! Charlotte is an amazing photographer. She made me feel comfortable and beautiful. She is a master of her craft. I love my photos! Thanks a million Charlotte!

    ~Diana L.

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