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What online dating experts say...

Don't take our word for it. Here's what some of the biggest dating experts have to say about the importance of great photos for online dating success.

Julie Ferman


"Fabulous profile pictures are absolutely essential when dating. Online dating photos are the key; My clients who have the benefit of Look Better Online photos are significantly more successful at getting on Date Number One with the people they really want to meet. And because these clients actually look like their profile pics, Date Number TWO is much more likely to happen...!"

Evan Marc Katz

Author of "I can't believe I'm buying this book" CEO,

“Dating profile pictures are important, Nobody’s gonna read your amazing profile if they’re not captivated by your dating profile photo first!”

Janice D. Bennett, Ph.D.

Dating Expert

"Flattering profile pictures in your online dating profile can help you attract the kind of dates you really want. Why rely only on words to find Mr. or Ms. Right when you can let your dating profile photos speak a thousand words?"

David Coleman

Author of "Making Relationships Matter: 9 Ways To Stay In Love For Life"

"Few men look at or read a woman's profile if they are not attracted to her in some way (read online dating photos) or feel some amount of physical chemistry and compatibility. This is because most men are aroused visually (we always look at the profile pictures first!) while most women are aroused through words, music, smells and touch." 

Victorya Michaels Rogers

Author of "Finding a Man Worth Keeping"

"Studies show that lasting impressions are made within the first THREE seconds of seeing someone. Give yourself a chance at a lasting second impression by making the most of your first. For your dating profile photo skip the candid shot your Dad took of you with your sister last holiday. Go to a professional photographer to get your profile pictures to make you look great while still presenting the real you— does just that!"

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Find a photographer in your area now

Find a photographer in your area now
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