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Boston News:


Attract more attention with LookBetterOnline

"The Scoop: Having attractive photos is incredibly important for online daters, especially on platforms that use swiping to determine matches. On average, singles spend 58 to 84 seconds looking at a dating profile, and more than 50% of that time is spent on the photos. Someone could put you in the discard pile simply for having a blurry photo or a group shot on your profile. LookBetterOnline is on a mission to stop that from happening to singles. This niche photography company gives clients access to professional-quality photos that will surely stand out on any dating site or app. Since the early 2000s, LookBetterOnline has performed over 12,000 photo shoots and earned a 99% customer satisfaction rating. Single men and women can use this professional service to improve their dating profiles and attract likes, messages, and dates online.."

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Attract more attention with LookBetterOnline

"The profile photo is the first thing people notice in online dating, and no one understands that more than LookBetterOnline. Bringing together hundreds of photographers from across the country, this company is able to connect singles with professionals who can deliver amazing photos at an affordable price. LookBetterOnline knows what works and what doesn’t — so much so that their clients receive 4x more attention on their dating profiles after using their services."

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SWF Seeks Attractive Head Shot


Article on internet dating photos and online portrait photography

"People are really picky, and they can afford to be really picky because there's such a selection," says Jon Person, a 29-year-old software developer in Lakewood, Colo. Mr. Person recently had his dating photos re-shot by a photographer he found through"

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Europe Falls in Love with E-Dating


", does a roaring trade for 12 professional digital- dating profile photos that online daters can post with profiles. The photographers can even come to your home or work to take your profile pictures..."

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Love Online: Digital Attraction


"Photo: Experts say dating profiles with photos are 10-times more likely to get a response than those without one. There are do’s and don’ts that can help increase your success. Do use a natural-looking, recent, close-up photo of just you. Do not use online dating photos with “mystery limbs” (people you’ve cut out of the photo), avoid glamour shots, and do not use blurry profile pics. If you need some help, will set you up with a professional photographer in your hometown."

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Truth in advertising hits Internet dating


Article discussing online dating photos

"Bill Logue went to after a potential online date didn't believe his original dating profile photo." 

"The Hollywood film editor says he hopes this certified profile photo "will make women feel more at ease. It can be awkward getting to know someone and then all of a sudden asking when their photo was taken." 

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Singles turn to the pros to boost their chances


Experts provide online dating photos, profiles, background checks 

"... Trout, 38, hired a pro. Now, the San Francisco resident said he couldn't be happier. He's meeting higher-quality people, and he has a great collection of profile pictures to use at work or to send family or friends. 

I get a lot of compliments on the profile pics,'' said Trout, an executive at IGN Entertainment, a Brisbane Internet company.

", the site Sutton used, has built a network of 500 professional photographers across the country, much in the same way that online flower shops contract with local florists. It charges $197 for a dozen digital dating profile photos..."

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In the Computer Dating Game, Room for a Coach


Article on the importance of great dating profile photos and the importance of a great profile for online dating.

Other companies, like and, sell professional online dating photos and retouching of existing pictures for people to post online.

As online dating has gotten more popular, the more people have to do to get attention,” said Mindy Stricke, owner of, a New York business that has produced 1,000 profile portraits, at prices from $130 to $300. “There’s a lot of anxiety around this purchase because there’s no guarantees. But a lot of people, especially in New York, are willing to go the extra mile when it comes to their online dating photo.

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Love growing strong on Web


USA Today article on dating online  and the importance of great online dating photos for online dating success mentions LookBetterOnline

"Care for a date with the suddenly available Brad Pitt or Jennifer Aniston? OK, so maybe that's a little out of reach. How about the next best thing? How about a date with someone who looks like Brad or Jen?"

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Put Your Best Face Forward On Online Personals


"...Profile pictures are such an important part of making first contact that there are even companies you can hire just to do dating profile photos for online ads. Look sets you up with a professional photographer in your area. The cost is around $130 but some of the online "testimonials" show that customers think it's worth the investment because they received better responses with better profile pictures..."

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TIME: Online Edition

Article about the effectiveness of dating profile pictures.

"POST A GREAT PHOTO. Managers of sites such as and say those who post dating photos get an average of eight times as many contact messages. Services like can help you improve your online dating photos and image."

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Find a photographer in your area now

Find a photographer in your area now
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