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But I’m not photogenic

Feeling that you’re not photogenic is pretty common. In fact when it comes to how to make a profile picture most of our customers initially believe that they don’t photograph well. It’s usually down to two reasons:

  1. You had a poor photographer. It takes skill to make someone look good in an profile pic. While good luck can produce great profile pictures, poor composition or poor lighting guarantee poor results. A good, experienced, professional photographer knows how to make the conditions work.
  2. You felt uncomfortable, tense or posed when taking the photos. A good portrait photographer also knows how to get the most out of his or her subjects. Your photographer will help you relax and shoot you looking your best.

After the photo shoot, our customers are often are amazed that they look so good, and it all comes down to using a great photographer! With the right photographer, you’ll be photogenic, get the profile photos you deserve and get better dates

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Find a photographer in your area now

Find a photographer in your area now
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