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I can take my photos at Walmart for nickels!

A Walmart photographer will tell ytou that they will take a profile photo of you for just a few bucks. But that picture won’t get you better dates. What you save on the shoot you’ll spend on continued dating site subscriptions, bad dates and wasted evenings. When it comes to photography, you get what you pay for -- and paying nickels for dating pictures is a waste of time and money!

How to make a profile picture:When you’re sitting for a dating site profile photo:

  1. The environment should be relaxed and comfortable so that you’re looking happy and content. (This doesn’t happen in Walmart.)
  2. The pose should be natural and casual so that the viewer will feel at ease with you. (Those aren’t the poses that Walmart photographers have the time – or skill -- to produce.)
  3. You should have a variety of images to choose from. (Walmart photographer will take 9 photos only!)
  4. The photos must be digital so you can upload them. (Walmart will give you prints. If you want digital, it’s $80 per image or $200 for the nine. That’s not nickels any more.)
  5. The photos should be small so that they can be uploaded easily or emailed to friends and family. (Pay Walmart $200 and you’ll get massive images that are impossible to share.)

Take a look at the video below, we took of a typical Walmart photo shoot and decide for yourself. Is this the kind of photo shoot and online dating photos you'd like to have?

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