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"It was love at first sight."

online dating photos"How about the ultimate online dating photos success story? Within one month of posting my profile pictures, I saw a woman's profile and clicked on the "I think we'd click" link. A message was sent to her, and after looking at my dating profile photos, she "thought we'd click" too. I e-mailed her right away, and after a week or so or e-mails, we went on our first date.

It was love at first sight. Within 4 months we were living together. One month later, I proposed to her (of course, she said yes), and we were engaged. We were married in a traditional Jewish ceremony with 200 friends and family in attendance. 15 months later, we were pregnant with TWINS. We are more than ecstatic at this news, and are looking forward to starting our family.

As icing on this cake, we found out that we were pregnant on the 2nd anniversary of our 1st date, and if Jessica (my wife) delivers to term, the babies should arrive just a few days before our 2nd wedding anniversary."

~ Paul, Timonium, MD

Paul's Wedding

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