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"The response rate to my emails was unbelievable."

online dating photos"I received so many responses after posting my online dating photos taken by LookBetterOnline. It was amazing! The response rate to my emails was unbelievable. I dated a number of really great ladies, and then at the end of January I emailed a fantastic lady with whom I am in an exclusive relationship now. She answered my email, we exchanged a couple of emails through the dating site and then went to personal email.

We quickly connected by phone, and our first conversation lasted over 3 hours! We decided to meet for a drink the very next evening, when we each had only one drink but ended up talking for four hours, watching the restaurant being cleaned and closed down around us!

That Sunday we went on a hike, where we really connected. Everytime we go out we enjoy 'big' conversations that last for hours, and we have a reputation of "closing down" the local restaurants. We are both extremely happy that we have met each other and our relationship continues to blossom! Thanks again for the great profile pictures!"

- Paul, Simi Valley, CA

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Find a photographer in your area now

Find a photographer in your area now
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