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"The amount of communication I received increased instantly with my new photos."

profile pictures"I found your service in the summer of 2005. Although I'm extremely confident and outgoing, until then I had never taken the best photographs. Somehow, at 32 years old, I had never learned to smile. You set me up with one of your local photographers for a photo shoot at a location of my choice. Your photographer was a miracle worker. He was easy-going and helped me relax, and—best of all—he got me to smile. He took the best profile pictures of me the world has ever seen!

With my new profile pics I renewed my commitment to finding the perfect girl. I enrolled in several online dating services to increase my odds of meeting someone special. Instantly the amount of communication I received increased with my new profile pictures. I was now meeting more people than ever, and I felt that it was only a matter of time before I met my soulmate.

As soon as I received new matches, I received a communication from “Kelsi.” At first I maintained a bit of skepticism, and my normal “play it cool” attitude required that I take things slowly. During our first open communication, I was immediately struck that I had found someone who put as much effort and thought into their responses as I did. Kelsi actually maintained interesting conversation, and the more I learned about her the more fascinated I was. Meeting her was inevitable, and I couldn’t wait.

Two weeks later I prepared for our first date. I already knew that I connected well with Kelsi in conversation, but how would I feel when I first saw her? As she arrived, I leaned over to direct her where to park and got my first glimpse of her. Immediately my heart sunk deep in my chest and I began feeling butterflies. Kelsi was stunning. It was love at first sight. I was certainly attracted to her, but there was still plenty to learn about one another. After a romantic dinner and great conversation, we went to my house to watch a movie. The movie was great, however it was after the movie ended that we began talking and discovering all of the wonderful things about each other. We ended up talking all hours of the night about our lives, our interests, and our goals and dreams. I realized by the end of the evening I would spend the rest of my life with this incredible woman.

Our relationship grew, and before long, I started planning my proposal. I devised a plan to propose to Kelsi as her knight in shining armor atop a white stallion. Given that I'd never ridden a horse, I contacted a local stable and began riding lessons. I also located a costume shop and found a silver knight’s costume. Everything was going to plan. Finally, the big day came. I called Kelsi and told her my car had broken down and asked for her help—when in reality, I gave her directions to the stables. Before she was to arrive I was going through a final run through when my horse spooked and took off. Apparently the horse had been frightened by the sound of the clattering suit of armor. Being a novice rider, I was unable to hold on and was thrown head first into a concrete barrier. The helmet I was wearing split in half and I received a few deep cuts and had a mild concussion. It wasn't long before I heard the sirens of an arriving ambulance.

As I was being wheeled into the emergency room, dazed and with a deep gash in my ear, I saw Kelsi at my side. By this time she had figured what was supposed to happen, and told me I could delay my plan for another time. I told her that I wasn’t about to wait any longer, and I proposed to her in the emergency room amongst a cheering crowd. The next several months were amazing. We decided we couldn’t wait to be married, so we planned and had a beautiful wedding on the beach of the eastern shore in Oxford, Maryland. We shared a magical honeymoon in Hawaii on the islands of Oahu and Maui.

Kelsi is everything I had been searching for. She is my soul mate, my best friend, my other half. I am so thankful to LookBetterOnline (and your dating photos) for helping to bring us together. I couldn’t have done it without you. And oh yes, thank you for teaching me to smile!"

- Charles, Rosedale, MD

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